What I think happened to the OSGi wiki

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I think the main problem with the OSGi wiki is that the OSGi website is not really a “community site”. At least personally I don’t frequent the site unless I need to download a spec or I happen to click the article the link from one of the blog posts.

The other mentioned examples are much more active places.

StackOverflow is much more likely to appear in a web search. And the QA format makes it easier to enter the conversation or raise a request for information.

It sort of makes sense to have a Wikipedia article on OSGi tooling. It was the first topic I considered for the OSGi wiki, as it is really the main topic I deal with when it comes to OSGi: How to get a good tool-chain going that supports the development team and gives the least surprises. So the fact that someone else decided it was something that needed to be answered, in a place everyone can find, is somewhat logical to me.

Didn’t know about the Felix wiki. But since it is likely build around an active developer environment, it would make sense that the information exchange is a bit more active. Just like the heavy use of wikis on Eclipse.org projects.

I guess what I am saying is that I don’t really see an active open community around OSGi that would think of it as a place to keep community-generated documentation. For that to work I think it needs to be heavily promoted. And someone needs to start by making it a repository for information people will come looking for.

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