The joys of hosted deployment

Since I don’t have my own server somewhere, I have been running stuff on Dreamhost for a while now. Most notably my LotRO site is hosted there. In fact one of the major reasons to implement it in Rails was that Dreamhost supports that and PHP, and I had gotten really tired of making stuff in PHP.

But using a host like Dreamhost has some other nice little bonuses. Like for instance today I discovered that they had upgraded Rails and removed the old version I was using. Now that shouldn’t have come as a surprise, as they posted they would a while ago. But having been working on a couple of new features, whenever I could be bothered to look at it. I was putting off just deplying a compatibility fix. Of course I had never gotten the features done and now the upgrade finally hit, resulting in my site no longer working.

So as a result had to do an emergency release. Lucky I had already gotten most of the site working on Rails 2.1.1 so it wasn’t a big deal. But they also released Rails 2.2.2 so now I have to get that working before they remove 2.1.1 as well…. *sigh*

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