Now with maps and houses

Well it’s been a while since I wrote anything here. My last post was about the initial release of the Unofficial Laurelin Community site. And look at how far it has come now.

Okay, so it is still ugly. But functionality-wise it has moved a far distance from back in July when it was just a kinship listing. In between I have added, first, an Events Calendar and now also a Housing Directory.

The events calendar seems to have gone by pretty much unnoticed however. I personally add events I find to it. But nobody else seem to do and I doubt anyone really checks it very often either. A shame really, as it allows people to subscribe to upcoming events either via RSS or iCalendar format. It would make keeping up with the social life on Laurelin easier for most I’d wager.

Also I am a bit proud of the ‘Upcoming Events‘ page that show a list of events and a live countdown until event start. Making timezone calculation a thing of the past… if people actually looked at it ;). Also it is really missing the official events held. But the official events staff only post vague clues before the events. No time or place information is given.

Last night I then released the latest sprout of functionality, the Housing Directory. Basically anyone can now register what house they live in on the server. The idea is to make it easy to see who you live next to. Or to find where to go to visit someone, but actual searching didn’t make it in the initial release.

The actual map used is a bit of a throw back to some of my previous projects. It turned out Turbine (the people making the game) already had a Google Maps-based map on their official WIKI: LoreBook. So having worked with the API previously I simply use their map tiles and integrated it into my own site (while mentioning where I got it – of course). Then it was just a matter of mapping all the 120 housing locations and writing the backend and frontend code for it to show them.

It was all rushed a bit tho. And it shows. I only tested it in IE on Windows after deployment and then discovered that my dynamically updated drop down selectors seems to be broken there… DAMN! And default security settings block the externally-hosted chat window… Double-DAMN!

I guess I still have some work to do tonight then…

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  • Glomli

    Just added my house in the Thorin’s Hall Homestead and realized that there seems to be an error. Threshold street 3 and 4 are interchanged.

  • Wow. I thought I had email notification on when someone commented something here. Turns out I don’t.

    I’ll look into that tonight Glomli.

  • Damn you where right. But then I suppose you would know since you live there.

    Actually I am not the one being wrong. is ;). I used that as reference when I made those placements. I’ve flipped them around now.