v0.11 – Transport Lines

This week witnessed the release of one of the features I have wanted to implement for a while now (and I think promised a couple of times on IRC at least). Namely the fabled Transport Lines.

As mentioned in my previous blog entry getting the lines on the map wasn’t really all that much of a challenge. What turned out to be the biggest piece of work was getting the editing tools working. And perhaps more importantly: getting them implemented in a way that didn’t break the ones I already have in place for normal markers.

Getting all this done required me to – once again – re-factor large parts of my code. Usually something that isn’t a big issue when you normally write code in decent IDEs. But the loose nature of JavaScript makes it hard to write good re-factoring tools I suppose. At least the ones I’ve found don’t do any magic in that field.

This latest re-factor did result in my first real piece of polymorphic JavaScript code tho. Specifically I needed the normal markers and the transport lines to work as much the same as possible. And also the editors for them needed to work the same so I didn’t have to add a lot of redundant code. It’s not really all that pretty at this point. But at least it’s reasonable easy to move on from the point I am at now.

With transport lines in the need for map editors have increased a bit. So I will continue to add some more of those as I find trustworthy people who are willing to take on the job. Recently one member of Mystical Alliance was added to the staff. And hopefully one more from the same guild is interested in contributing. Still haven’t found any Dark players who I feel I can trust enough for this (and also have the time/interest to do it). So the search goes on in that direction too.

Moving on from here I have several ideas what I would like to do. But I suspect my progress from here on will slow down a bit due to my somewhat limited motivation to actually play Dark & Light. Most of my current guild seems to have decided not to play. And most of the reasons I initially wanted to play this game seems to have died when NPCube had to rush out the game to make some money.

If I do go on with this project my next goal will be more focus on allowing people managing their own map with marker sets of their own types and icons. Parts of the code has already been prepared for this. But more changes needs to be made. And also I need to implement some pages where people can sign up and manage their profiles and map. So even if I manage a high level of motivation it is going to be a while before I have that ready.

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