Map released and updated

Well. I finally got around to releasing the DnL map to the public last saturday (it’s available here). And slowly over the last week I have been adding a number of markers to the map too. Yesterday marked the first day with more than 200 visitors. But it also happened to be when I released a small update.

The update was mainly to fix IE compatibility. The marker info windows didn’t show any text. And the drop-down menus didn’t really work well in IE. Both of those issues where fixed. The latter one I completely went around by moving the marker list into a separate marker floating window. For the current amount of markers it may not make much sense. But as I progress with adding features (and markers) it is much more flexible to show them this way. And allows me easily add more drill-down methods (like by domain) without having to figure out how to put it into the design of the page.

IE6 still don’t show the info windows 100% correctly. No idea why it don’t pick up the CSS formatting. Damn I hate that browser.

Next up is either adding support for transport lines or preparing the map for 3rd party editing (as in someone else but me). I won’t have much time for it for a couple of days. So I’ll leave it as a surprise (to myself and everyone else) what I do first.

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  • Excellent work! So glad to see this resource for DnL. If I can hlep you gather info for towns and stuff in case you want to include what stands or sellers are where or whatever – just let me know.

  • BoeWona

    Great Job!!

    Alot of hard work went into your map and it shows.

    Ive put it on my desktop (short cut) for quick reference. Very nice job!