The woes of making overlays in Photoshop

Well. Progress on a real map for DnL is going forward. I have most of Light Kingdom mapped. And I got Dark Kingdom mapped in stress test. So in a day or two I can post a full map of open areas of DnL.

My plan was to add a domain borders overlay for users to switch on and off. In theory it would be real easy since I already have the overlay in a separate layer in my map source file. But in practice it turns out to be very tricky. The problem is I have a script that makes Photoshop make all the tiles needed. And I do that by coping each tile from the source file. And the paste it into a new window that then is saved as the tile. So far so good.

Trouble is a lot of an overlay is clear space – since you want it to be transparent. And Photoshop basically ignores clear space in copies. So when pasting tiles with clear space you end up with with just the area that have actual pixels in it with no way of knowing where that data was in the tile you copied. And no idea how to correct the specific. Damnation!

So until I get a good way of handling overlays I guess I’m stuck. Instead I will be working on adding transport routes to my map. And I should be able to make an overlay with a grid on. Hopefully I can do that dynamically on the server since it’s just a couple of lines and some text. So look for that soonish.

But first I’ll get the actual map up. Should be public in a day or two.

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