Gunning for DnL now

Well. It’s been another couple of slow weeks. And little progress has been made until now.

I’ve finally begun working on the map again to get ready for DnL release. First step has been a very basic one: Making the tiles for the map (everything you see on the map is made of 256×256 pixel tiles).

My basic map is a Photoshop file that I then run a script on to resize it for the various zoom levels. In SoG I could just about scale the entire map up to the closest zoom level. But with the much larger map of DnL this is no longer possible. The source file (with lots of empty space) is now over 800 MB. And it’s 17500×17599 pixels big. The current limit is Photoshop is 20000×20000 I think. So scaling up the map by a factor does not seem like an option…

So yesterday I got down to changing my script so I now segment the map for when I scale it up. And I think I cracked it. So scratch one issue off the board.

Second issue is showing the markers on the map. So far I have just been loading all markers and added them to the map right away. It wasn’t all that fast in Google Maps API v1. But moving to v2 made it terribly clear that it’s not a viable option. So I’ve now added a basic filter so only visible markers will be on the map at any given time. Loading of the map is much faster now. But moving around takes a little longer to update. On the close zooms it’s performing pretty well. But zooms longer out are still pretty heavy. But some filtering of the domain markers (towers) should handle that.

Moving forward I’m hoping to get a dummy map up for DnL soon. And I’m planning a couple of optional overlays for grid and domain borders. More on that when we get there.

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