Let’s move to Google Maps API version 2

Well. I was finally getting down to work. Moving markers in my editing tools was almost working… Except they where not. So on to the Google Maps API site to check the docs… And SHOCK! They released version 2 of the API.

Now I had been expecting this for a while. I looked into it a while ago. But with no estimate on when it would be released I plainly ignored it and moved on with version 1.

But as it happens my current issue seems to be solved in version 2. Markers can now be moved in their API. And I don’t have to do hacks to do it. Oh goodie! Also it seems there is an error log in Google Maps API now. Perhaps it will help me in those situations where for some reason my script dies in the belly of the API with no error messages in the JavaScript console.

Well onwards! Guess it means the index-dev.html won’t be functional for a while. But then I don’t think a lot of people use it except me.

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