Slow progress

Well. I’ve been back on the ‘net for a couple of weeks now. And, well, nothing much seems to have happened on the map.

But in fact some things have happened. I got adding markers working. And then promptly broke most of the map when I started re-factoring the code into more manageable blocks.

But none the less progress is really slow. The problem is mostly the trouble of debugging JavaScript. On my development box Firefox has picked up some problems with my map so the editing box will stop the rendering of changes in that window. Strange thing a new installation – with all related data deleted – seems to change nothing. But other Firefox installations on my other computers don’t do the same. And neither does any other Gecko-based browsers on the same machine (Camino and Mozilla). But also it’s rather hard to debug xmlhttp AJAX stuff locally since I have to set up the entire backend locally (since it can’t call any other hosts).

But still I do get a little done. My re-factoring is almost done. So I can now work on getting the client-side (browser) markers updated after successfully storing changes on the server.

Moving on from that I need to finish the moving of markers. And then finally I can implement separate marker sets so people can register to have a map of their own, with only markers they made.

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