Well. At least I have a full SoG map

Well. Late last friday I finally finished making a complete map of the SoG part of the game. After having worked on uncovering the map for a while I got some outside help on getting it done. But I don’t think I’ll mention any names since the way I got a full map is though an exploit by manipulating the local files that store map progress. I’ve used the exploit. I’ve notified AD about it. And I’ve voiced my opinion that I don’t think it should be like that in Dark and Light… And still I use it get the map up so I can concentrate on getting some more functionality into the map.

So let’s talk about that instead. I’ve got a couple of things I’m planning to do next. First off I’ve been working on getting the XML parser working better. Seems the marker notes only shows on FireFox so I’ll start to use a javascript lib that does stuff like that in a cross-browser friendly way (or knows how to hack each different browser that is).

Next up is a better way of placing markers. Currently I take the location shown on the bottom of the page and paste it into SQL for insertion into the DB (that is in turn used to create the XML file the markers are read from by the browser). I’m planning to enable the markers to be made directly in the browser by people who have already authenticated with my site. At first it will only be me using it. But hopefully at least in Dark and Light a number of map editors will be able to place the markers on the official map. And finally I’ll likely make people make their own markers on their own versions of the map.

With easier updating options I’ll also make the map update-able without reloading the page. So you can just have the map open and new markers will be placed or changed ones will be moved. That’ll mostly be to see forts I expect. But none the less it’s a challenge I’ll be tinkering with just for the hell of it ;)

And finally I’m planning to allow users to supply their own marker file as XML. The idea is that some people will be paranoid enough not to want to store markers in my database. So to cater to those I’ll build an option where they can store their markers in their end and only load it in the browser.

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