Site is up

Well. After having worked on the SoG map I finally got around to making it public.

So far the map is basically working although there are a couple of things to do. Some of the things I’m working on are (in no specific order):

  • Finish adding all of the towers.
  • Add all the location markers I’ve found.
  • Add all the Dark side fortresses I’ve found.
  • Sync up the Latitude and Longitude with the ones in-game (debug window)
  • Improve the map graphics as I improve my in-game one… Or get a better one from other sources 🙂

Also I’ve added this WordPress blog software to be the front-page for the site to have a place to post what’s happening on the site.

Anywho… More to come as I improve the map and whatever else I might dream up to improve my experience with playing SoG (and ultimately DnL).

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