Wow. It’s been a while

Wow! A new year and I noticed it’s been almost 5 and a half months since I posted here… Oh well. Not much to report anyway. I did a lot of back and forth coding on this project and ended up getting too annoyed with it all.

Basically the problem is that Xoops and bBlog both wants to control Smarty. And I have to do a lot of coding around that if it’s ever going to work very well.

I still have my progress in Subversion tho. And I just noticed a new version of bBlog has been released for me to toy with so I might try that.

That being said I think it might be more productive to take a working Xoops blog module (like the now – seemingly dead – WebLog module) and then just add some of the missing functionality to it (like remote APIs). All in all it seems like less work.

Also there is a new blog module in development on that might be getting under way. So perhaps I should just get into that instead…

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