Guess I just can’t win. Now Xoops is making trouble!

Well. It was all going too well. I had bBlog integrated into the Xoops templating system without changing too much of bBlog. And it was all dandy. But then disaster hit! It seems Xoops like to compile any defined templates of a module when it’s installed or updated. AND it don’t offer any hooks to do any initializing. Result: Xoops pukes on all of the plugin usage in bBlog since it can’t find any of them *sigh*.

Ah well. It’s how life is. I’m trying to do some inline php in the templates to set it up. But I can’t figure out if there is access to the current Smarty object from inside a smarty template page so I hack around it for now. In the future of Xoops they have promised this precompile will go away. Making life much easier for me… Although it would have been nice if a plugin could acturlly define it’s smarty plugin locations. But then Xoops use Smarty but isn’t too Smarty centric (some people in the Xoops dev forum, on Sourceforge, are even suggesting going back to raw php in Xoops 3 for some reason).

Anyway. Apart from that I’ve started considering if I should do another OO patch for bBlog. I’d like to split the user info into a class of it’s own. Currently that kind of info is retrieved by joins in SQL. And it’s making it a bit hard to use Xoops user info instead (it’s doable but messy). Shouldn’t take too long either since bBlog don’t expect a consistent source of user date. So it’s not used in a lot of places.

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  • So, what’s the current status on that xoops module?

    since I saw your work on integrating bBlog and Xoops, I checked out Xoops, and now I need to either convert all my bBlog stuff to Xoops, or make bBlog into a Xoops module, just like you 🙂

    any update, besides that the OO patches you made are into the bBlog CVS?