Patch done… I think… Now on with business.

Well. I think I got it in only 2 goes! I’m proud of myself =). The initial patch for bBlog to untangle the bBlog code from Smarty has gone into CVS. And I just posted a patch for the patch to fix some mistakes I made along the way.

Even with Zend Studio PHP development isn’t my favorite past-time activity. The language is so weakly typed it’s impossible to know if you messed up stuff unless you actually go through the entire site and try out everything. And when you are used to re-factoring Java code with tools like Eclipse. Doing it with search and replace just isn’t too much fun.

Ah well. But now I got it done I can get back to improve my Xoops integration. Most stuff should be doable in a subclass of the bBlog one now. So I just have to change the line in init.php where an instance of the bBlog class is initialized. And replace it with my own.

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