Ok… I’m gonna change the damned thing then!

Well. Today I decided to simply do a patch of bBlog that will seperate the main bBlog class from the Smarty one. Simply put it’s horrible OO code. But Eaden McKee – the original author of bBlog – by his own account didn’t quite understand OO when he initially wrote the script. So here we go. Let’s see if we can improve it just a bit.

The nice thing is it don’t really take that long and that I’m pretty much done with it… I think. I still need to do some more testing before I submit the patch tho. Another nice thing is I got a reason to try out the ‘official’ PHP IDE: Zend Studio. Obviously it’s MUCH better than any of the Eclipse plugins I’ve been using so far. With it’s integrated full debug environment that works as well as any you would find in, say, a C or Java IDE. And the code completion is very good considering we are working with a very weakly typed language. For hobby use I’m not sure I’ll sink money into a PHP IDE tho. It’s not like I enjoy PHP enough to do more of it than I do now 🙂

On a side note I also tried to make some xmlrpc clients to work with my bBlog module. And so far I have only had w.Blogger working. All Palm based ones I have tried have barfed (and more common than not proceeded to require a reset of the device). Also the Mac OS X ones I tried didn’t work. So it seems I may have to look into what’s going on with the xmlrpc code at some point too. Unless it’s just my mods that has screwed it all up.

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  • Eaden McKee

    Re OO code.. so now that you’ve submitted the patch, is it still horrible OO code?

    Re xml-rpc, the xmlrpc.php file is INCOMPLETE and doesn’t support the blogger API yet.

  • Tiran Kenja

    Yeah. it is actually. But it’s better. Putting each kind of data into separate objects is how you do OOP. And right now the bBlog object is not data centric. It’s centered around making bBlog functions work. Much like in classic procedural programming.

    It is – however – nice that you do everything through one object. Since I can overwrite what I need on it. Would be better if user info was stored and accessed through a separate object tho. Since when integrating it with a CMS you will have to use the CMS users and not the ones bBlog knows about.