First stab at wrapping bBlog as Xoops module

Well. Here it is. My first post in my first functional version of bBlog ( inside of Xoops.

The current bBlog version is .7.3 and that’s what I’m using. It isn’t very integration friendly. But making it work in Xoops wasn’t too hard either. Only trouble is if I’m going to have to make it work with Xoops users instead of it’s own ‘authors’ table since it does a bit of hardcoded sql with table joining to get information for building pages.

So that’s why I’m not going to release the module just yet. It’s too dirty. The admin interface hasn’t been wrapped in the Xoops admin interface. Permissions on bBlogs own smarty cache has to be manually fixed after install (gotta get it to use the one Xoops has – should be trivial but it’s not gonna be tonight). And finally there is the whole users thing I mentioned.

I’m also trying to wrap some of the bBlog plugin/blocks into some Xoops blocks. But it’s a bit tricky since bBlog expects it’s own Smarty object and the code don’t work well with how Xoops integrates Smarty… But I’ll get that ironed out eventually 🙂

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